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If after having read this prospectus you would like to know more please bear the following in mind about visits.

Choosing a school – if you are choosing a primary school we are always happy to meet new parents and children, but make sure there is someone free to see you. It is always best to telephone first and make an appointment – if you would like to see our school at work we would be happy to show you around.


Admissions to the nursery class are dealt with at the school. Names for the nursery class are accepted from a child’s second birthday.


Children can join the reception class at the beginning of the school year in which they will be five. Once a child has a place in the nursery or reception class, they begin attendance on a phased basis in accordance with the procedure recommended by the Local Authority. Full details about school and nursery admissions are contained in a booklet available free from the Admissions Section of the Local Authority based at the Civic Centre. A reference copy of this booklet is available at the school and your branch library.